Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

Prepping for baby’s arrival is one of the most exciting times. You have 9 months to get all your ducks in a row before life changes forever. The most important prep comes into play with the nursery. Adding a nursery to your home requires important considerations from you for both yourself and that new bundle of joy. After all, it’s where you both will be spending a lot of time in those early months and beyond. Skipping the gender reveal is becoming quite popular among new parents, and gender neutral nurseries are becoming even more popular. We’ve rounded up some inspirations and questions you should consider when taking steps to make space for baby in your home. First, let’s go over the must-have moments any nursery needs.

The Short List

1. You’ll need a big comfy chair for those late nights, early mornings and all the feedings in between. We recommend making it as cozy as possible with a designated blanket, a side table for easy snack-setting and drink-placing. A lamp with soft light nearby, and ideally a footstool to kick those tired feet up onto.

2. Feature things on the wall that make you happy, and eventually baby happy. You’ll be spending so much time in this room, it’s worth it to print a few family pictures, frame a sonogram and place cute toys on your shelves. Although you have a lot of time in between baby being born and baby ready to play—trust us, your hands will be full. Best to do it at the beginning to create a stress-free room and to show your child just how wanted and welcome they are from the beginning.

3. A place to change diapers and enough storage for allllllll of the clothes that they are currently wearing plus all the ones you’re waiting for them to grow into. This can usually be combined into a dresser—enough storage and organizational tools for clothes, plus all those odds and ends for the actual dirty business of changing diapers. Long story short: you’re going to want everything you need in an arms reach at all times. So organize accordingly.

These different areas of the room serve much different purposes. However, all of them when done properly are going to make your parenting transition a lot easier. Of course you’ll adapt a thing or two after babies arrival after you learn what works best for you specifically, but this is a great jumping off point. Now for the fun stuff—yes, at last—the decorating part.


Stick to Neutral Colors

By neutral, we don’t mean tans and browns only. All colors of the rainbow can be toned down enough to be considered neutral. You can make a girly nursery from a room with blue walls, as long as it’s the right shade (meaning light or dark) and chroma (how bright or soft) and you pair the right decor. Yellow and green are often the colors associated with nursery neutrality, but we’ve seen more and more white nurseries floating around the internet lately.

Anne Sage Neutral Nursery

This space by Anne Sage is super minimal without a lot of color, yet it seems as comfortable as any other with the right pieces—abstract art, a textural mobile and a giant soft rug that ties into the abstract patterns throughout the room.

Desert Nursery

This desert-inspired nursery by Christina is as neutral as could be and we bet it fits right in the fold with the rest of their Phoenix home. You can tell it’s brimming with creativity and options for their child as he grows (shoot did we just give away what gender this nursery is actually suppose to be?)


Make Space For Special Pieces

Have a sentimental stuffy or something you’re passing down to baby from your childhood or even further back in the family history? These items can really add a lot of charm and personality to the space. Our favorite ways to display these are on shelves or even with the right object, framed on the wall.

Nursery Shelves

We love these shelves in a very-neutral nursery from Kendall Kremer that feature special items (do we spy a sonogram) and avoids toy-overload by storing them in baskets (we’re already thinking about how fast clean up time will be!) The rabbit theme in this nursery is super sweet without being too specific.


Make It Comfortable For Mom (and Dad)

Now let’s get this right. Yes, this room is for your new baby. However, they really won’t be able to see anything for the first few weeks of their life, and even in the first years as they grow we promise you that they do not care about what the room around them looks like. Exhibit A is the mess left in their destruction as they move through the house from the moment they begin to crawl. So if it’s sounding like all of the effort to make a cozy room is for you, you’re not wrong. It’s important for Mom and Dad to feel comfortable in the space.

Modern Nursery

The framed sign on the wall gives it away, but with first glance we couldn’t figure out which way this nursery was leaning. Check, check, check on steps 1, 2 and 3 above. Lauren Elizabeth did a great job in a mostly color-less room—honestly, swap the crib for a queen and we’ll move in! We can’t imagine Mom or Dad feeling too-cute or silly in here as they go about their day to day.

Gallery Wall Nursery

We love this example of a feature wall that has both color and sophisticated art but remains kid-friendly. Kudos to Mary!


Adding Additional Character

It turns out it’s quite simple to make any of these neutral nurseries more boy-ish or girl-ish after baby is born or if you know the gender ahead of time and want to inject more of that special character! Just look at how Bre Bertolini made this room slightly lean ‘boy’ with a few masculine accessories and a little bit of paint.

Modern Boy Nursery

Another great example here from Anne Sage. She shifted this already neutral room—an office, actually—into a girly getaway for her new little one (and can we talk about how their entire house for a family of three is 800 sq ft?! No space, no problem for this stylist!)

Anne Sage Nursery

So, is it a boy? or a girl? or does it even really matter? We hope these tips help you make a comfortable home, and a special space for the whole family… including the newest addition! You should love the space you’re in, no matter if it’s the laundry room or a babies room. Trust your gut and get ready for that baby!!