Create A Spa Day At Home

Cooped up at home, with no escape? We mean literally—no escape from your loved ones, from household chores or from your own boredom? No doubt about these three things,

1. motherhood is stressful,

2. it’s time to relax,

3. sometimes you have to do things for your dang self.


Draw a Bath

We know if you’re a bath lover, you won’t take much convincing. However, even if you’re not “a bath person” you should consider it. If you think baths are just “sitting in dirty water,” then rinse yourself off in the shower before you fill the tub so you can enjoy that soak! We are by no means bath experts, they’re scientifically proven to be beneficial. The essence: bathing helps you breath easier, and calms your brain and nervous system. In the very least, throw some epsom salt in so you can claim it’s to ease your sore mama muscles (because it does great things for your muscles, bones and joints!)


Grab a Refreshment

Tea, wine, fruit-infused water. You name it. The proper beverage is going to elevate the feeling of your spa—oh, we mean your bathroom. Grab your favorite drink (and maybe a snack!) and bring it into your relaxation zone with you. Shut the door and relax.


Set the Mood

No, not that mood. We mean, the mood you need to be at your most calm. Light a candle, blast the oil diffuser, dim the lights, just go on ahead and make yourself comfortable.


Mask Up

We have two methods for picking a face mask. The first is to line them all up on the counter, look at yourself in the mirror, and select the one your skin is telling you it needs the most. The second method is to pick out that favorite go-to that always leaves you feeling fresh and go for it. You do you.


a few things you can use to pamper yourself with straight from your pantry…

    • Apply an avocado or egg mask to your hair at the beginning of your spa routine, then wrap your head in a warm towel. Let it work its magic for at least 20 minutes while you give yourself a lip scrub.





  • Get crafty with your essential oil blends for any mood or need. Use this time to perfect your head to toe oil routine.



Polish Up

An at-home mani & pedi is more labor intensive than going to the salon—yes. However, if you’re the type to feel 10x more put together with a little polish on your finger tips and toes, go for it. Even just a swipe or two of clear polish will have you feeling like the clean, put together, badass woman you are. Even if you’re not into polish or if you don’t own any, give your nails a good scraping and filing so they’re shaped up nicely.


Choose Your Own Relaxation

How do you relax? Is reading a book your thing? Maybe it’s listening to a favorite album, or you’re craving a bit of silence for some meditation time. Heck, we won’t judge you if you set your laptop up to binge some Real House Wives during this much needed YOU-time. What’s important is you set the tone for the half hour or hour you’re going to spend with yourself. Soak it up before you head back out to conquer the world again.