Meal Prep Ideas for New Moms

During a time when every mom on Instagram is posting their weekend meal prep for both adults and baby, it can feel defeating if you’re not as on-top of your food prep game. For new moms, it’s even worse. Sleep deprived, juggling a lot and adapting into keeping another human alive 24/7 on the outside of your body, who has time for much else?

However, you know Bundle is here to help (even when it’s not purely based on milk-boosting or fertility-priming nutrition.) Read on, soak up all the no-weeknight-cooking advice and share with every new mom you know so that they can hit the ground meal prepped with smart meals before baby even arrives.


Slow Cooker Dinners

Set it and forget it—until it’s time to eat! Slow Cooker Dinners do the work while you do everything else. As long as you have a slow cooker or instantpot, you have endless possibilities. Chicken Tikka Masala, Green Chile Chicken, Coconut Curry Pork, and BBQ Lentils could all easily make the menu for our weeknight eating and one search for slow cooker meal prep on Pinterest gives us 1,000 more options.

Boiled Eggs

Sounds boring, right? But boiled eggs are really just the beginning of something amazing. We’re talking cobb salads, avocado toast, mixed with sautéed potatoes, asparagus or other favorite veggie. If baby is napping we say go for it—make yourself your very own plate of deviled eggs as a snack. Did we mention boiled eggs can stay good for up to 1 week in the fridge (pro tip: write the boiling date on the shell so you always know!) If you need to know how to make a perfect hard boiled egg, this article is for you.


Three Ingredient Dinners

What could be easier than mixing three ingredients together and calling it dinner? Not much. Trader Joe’s came through with impossibly easy dinners that we’re confident you can recreate with a few ingredients and olive oil, salt and pepper. Recipes for Potsticker Stir-Fry, Shawarma Chicken Hummus Bowls, Garlic Naan Flatbreads, Crispy Sweet Potato Gnocchi and Mediterranean Falafel Salad can all be found here.


Mac and Cheese

Thought you wouldn’t be making this until you had a baby with teeth? Well, this can be a grown up version just-for-mom. Craving organic? You can’t go wrong with a box of Annie’s. Looking for a purely plant-based version? Say hello to you new bestie: Banza. What we love about this is that it’s fast, easy and instantly comforting. We’re not saying eat Mac and Cheese every night of the week, but when you do it can easily be jazzed up with some fresh ground black pepper, herbs or any type of protein add-in you want.


Power Hour Meal Prep

Oh how the tides have turned. You’re about to enter your won Sunday Meal Prep battle, and don’t worry—it’s easy. The easiest way to have a stress-free week is to take a few hours on Sunday to do ALL of the cooking you’ll need. Create your menu, get your ingredients and go. Remember, you’ll need breakfast, lunch and dinner that follow your nutritional goals and be sure to keep easy, healthy snacks on hand for those moments in between. In need of some inspiration? This collection should have you covered.



So next time, instead of fretting the next time that you have nothing prepped, you know what to do! Get your tupper-wear out for those one pot pastas, slow cooker dinners and more—and no, you don’t have to post it to Instagram to prove you did it 😉Have suggestions? Let us know on Instagram or Facebook.