Ingredient Spotlight: Milk Thistle

Lactation can be a weary time for new mothers. Both mother and the baby may take a while getting used to the experience when the baby first starts suckling. It can get even more trying if the mother is not lactating sufficiently, and the baby seems hungry ever so often. There is an array of galactagogues in the market, but it can be daunting for a mother to choose from without expert guidance. Here we discuss Milk Thistle as it is a key ingredient in our Milk Boost teas.

What Is It?

Milk thistle is a tall, purple flowering plant with prickly spines. It is also known as Our Lady’s Thistle or Saint Mary’s Thistle. Originally native to the Mediterranean region (but now grown around the world), this powerful plant has a long history of use in medicine and healing. The active ingredient in milk thistle is an antioxidant called silymarin.

Scores of women have been using milk thistle for milk production during breastfeeding. It does not just increases milk supply but also cleanses your liver, ensuring that the milk you produce is toxic free! It’s thought to work by making more of the milk-producing hormone prolactin. The data is very limited, but one randomized controlled study found that mothers taking 420 mg of silymarin for 63 days produced 64% more milk than those taking a placebo. The herb is known to help in regulating blood sugar and cholesterol, too.

Recommended Daily Intake

You can consume milk thistle tea up to three times a day.

For best results, you should consume any galactagogue along with other lactation inducing herbs like fennel and fenugreek. Our Milk Boost Teas are specially blended with organic coriander, nettle leaf, fennel, and verbena leaf — making it powerful breastfeeding support.


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