We Want To Leave Our Home Better Than We Found It.

We’re a parent company with unreasonably high expectations for the home.

As a champion for better for all, we know it’s a never-ending pursuit. It’s continuous achieving and bar-raising. And rarely accomplished alone.

Better gets us fired up. And we have the intent, innovation, and audacity to prove it. Our products are tastier, healthier, cleaner, and better for our planet. You get it all, without breaking the bank.

So show us your dirtiest, hungriest jobs. We’re up to the task. Together, we can make our home and our world better. One room, one brand at a time.



We provide access to the products you want, that do their job, and are better for our world. How? We’re committed to the highest business and product standards so you get the most honest, transparent products.


Every business decision, every product we offer, it’s all rooted in our promise to make home the best it can possibly be. Your home, and our home — the world we share. The result is a family of products that are tastier, healthier, and cleaner — for all.


As your home evolves, so do the jobs that need doing. We are resourceful and nimble, so can respond to industry change in a sustainable way. We grow our family as thoughtfully as you grow yours: by anticipating your needs to ensure you have the best solutions, when you need them.


We grow our family of products boldly without being reckless. Our desire to make home better invigorates us — and we have the intent, innovation, and audacity to prove it.


We’re always striving to better understand your needs and market demands. By investing time in research and development, you can confidently turn to us for the tell-it-like-it-is, expert guidance and products you deserve.


At 1908, we’re parents, too. And from one parent to another, we know it’s nearly impossible to do it all on our own. So we listen to everyone who has a stake in our business, from our customers to partners to employees. Then we take it one step further: we strive to treat our team and communities like family. Family is always honest, has your best intentions at heart, and is your biggest supporter. This family-first approach helps us provide better products that make a tangible difference in your home and our home.

Better Business

We choose a better kind of business model. Our world-bettering philosophy is part of our DNA. Our ambition to make home better doesn't stop with the product we officer, it extends to the way we do business.

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Ambition Runs in the Family

In 1908, William Kent, a relative of our founder, donated 300 acres of Redwood Grove known today as Muir Woods National Monument. An advocate of access for all, he knew if we wanted our home to thrive, we had to protect it. 1908 Brands was founded in this spirit, and apply the same commitment to your home. Read the letters shared between William Kent and Theodore Roosevelt.

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