Expert Advice: 5 Prenatal Workout Moves

Sometimes being an expecting mommy can be tough. We have our moments when we are thoroughly exhausted, nauseous, moody and emotional and want nothing to do with a mommy workout. Then other moments when we feel like wonder woman and can take on any task. It’s a roller coaster and everyday we feel different. There’s one thing that helps our tough days…. getting your body moving! Even when it’s simple pregnancy exercises at home that you can do! This will enhance your mood, increase your energy, and help you maintain a healthy weight while being pregnant. I gained only 20lbs during pregnancy and this was due to exercising at least every other day.


There are some mommies that dread working out because of lack of energy or being sick to their stomachs. What you must remember is every workout does not have to feel like you’re doing “Insanity”! Even the simplest moves can be beneficial to you and your bump. The key is consistency. A little bit every day goes a long way. You may not get through an hour, thirty minutes or maybe even fifteen minutes. But finding that short moment to get a little physical activity in will help tremendously. The combination of stretching and challenging your muscles to maintain them will increase the likelihood that you’ll have a better recovery from pregnancy.


Here’s a few little pregnancy exercises to do at home, even on the laziest days! It’s a combination of flexibility and strength to help your body remain strong and release tension in places we hold it the most like our shoulders, back and hips. Tight hips are common but you must work on them! When “the big day” arrives flexibility in your hips leads to a successful delivery!


Oh and don’t forget about these moves after the baby comes! When you’re cleared to work out, these moves will continue to help you remain a strong, stress-free, and flexible mommy! To fuel up for your workout, check out our Chocolate Pregnancy Smoothie Mix and Vanilla Bean Nursing Smoothie Mix.


1. Triangles– Start in a wide stance with arms out to the side. Turn the right foot out while the left foot points front. Bump hips to the left. Draw abdominal muscles in as you reach for the right ankle and come back to your starting position. Try 10 reps then switch sides.

*This stretches the hamstrings and trims the obliques.

2. Cat-cow– Start on hands and knees with hands under the shoulders and knees under the hips. Inhale as you let belly drop. Exhale as you round the back and draw the abdominal muscles in. Try 10 reps.

*Great for building core strength

3. Chest Openers– Start on knees. Round the back and clasp hand while stretching them  forward. (You should feel the upper back muscles separate. Then open the arms and push the chest forward the feel a stretch in the chest while squeezing the upper back muscles. Try 5-10 reps.

*This is great for relieving stress in the upper body and strengthening the upper back muscles.

4. Figure 4 Squats– Use a chair for balance. Lift the right leg and cross the ankle over the left knee. Push the hips back and keep the weight in the heel of the supporting leg while bending the standing leg. Squeeze the glutes as you come up. Try 10 reps on each side.

*Helps to build strength in the quads and glutes while stretching the hips.

5. Hydrant Circles- Start on hands and knees with hands under the shoulders and knees under the hips. Lift the right knee hip height (Or close to it). Draw circles with the right knee while squeezing the glutes. Try 8-10 in one direction then switch directions before repeating on the other leg.

*This helps to lubricate the hip joint and tone glutes.


Guest Blogger: Ashley Wade

Make sure you stay hydrated during your workout and cool down afterwards!
Ashley Wade-CPT, Pre-Postnatal Fitness Specialist
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