How to Squeeze in a Workout During Naptime

sKaitlin Krull, guest blogger, is a writer and mom of two girls living the expat life in the UK. Her writing is featured on and a number of home decor sites around the web. She can also be found blogging from time to time on her personal blog, A Vicar’s Wife.

There comes a time after the birth of your child when you’re fed up of sitting on the couch and watching the Kardashians. When that time comes, you soon realize that the only time you will ever have to work out is when your baby is sleeping. If, like parents everywhere, you know that naps are too short, do not fear. Here are a few tips for fitting in a workout (okay, and an episode or two of Bravo’s best) during naptime.

Be prepared

Utilize your newly honed organizational skills by prepping for your workout before baby sleeps. Put on your workout clothes, grab some water, and set up your exercise space while your little one is in a good mood, or if you’re very clever, first thing in the morning. Having a dedicated workout station is a good idea, too, as you will spend less time tidying up and more time sweating.

Choose a routine

Part of being prepared for your workout includes finding and sticking to an exercise plan that works for you. Choose a DVD or online program that can be done in smaller increments, or challenge yourself to a couch to 5K challenge. If your baby loves sleeping outside, then pop her in the jogging stroller and take to the sidewalks. Knowing what you will be doing before your workout time starts keeps you from wasting precious minutes hemming and hawing about which yoga, or barre, or Insanity routine to attempt.

March to the beat

Headphones are the exercising parent’s best friend. Naptime workouts don’t have to be silent for you, so load up the iPhone with your favorite fast-paced tunes and get moving. Most monitors these days have video screens, or volume alerts at the very least, so you can stretch, run, and Jazzercise away with the knowledge that your little one is sleeping soundly.

Stay accountable

You are more likely to keep to your naptime workout regimen if you log your progress in some way. Join a Facebook group, download an exercise app, or write down your workout stats every time to keep yourself motivated. But remember to be flexible, too, since naptime is often unpredictable and a stressful environment is not a good workout environment. If your exercise time has to be pushed back every once in awhile, then so be it, because happy babies make happy parents.

Taking the plunge into post-baby workouts can seem an impossible task. But, if you plan your exercise routine and prepare your space ahead of time, you can make the most of the naptime hour (or hours, if you’re lucky!) and have a successful training session on a fairly regular basis. When your child stops taking naps, all bets are off, so get exercising now!