Perfect V-Day with Baby

Valentines Day is one of those holidays that shifts over our lifetime. From giving and receiving tiny cards with candy to everyone in your 1st grade class, to nervously being asked to the dance in middle school, to blossoming into the dating aether of your 20’s with confidence. Becoming a parent is another inevitable shift in V-Day Land. By this time, two have become three (or possible more!) and getting out of the house (especially alone) is increasingly rare. As we’ve stated before, connecting with your partner one-on-one is important, but so is embracing your new family unit. Here is our ideal day (think: choose your own adventure style) for Valentine’s Day with Baby.

First, some things to keep in mind before the big day. There may be more stress in your relationship than ever, but we’re trying to make this a memorable day in a good way. Surprises can be wonderful, but are less-than-desired when you’re a sleep deprived mom with a new baby who REALLY needs to stick to a schedule. Planning ahead will ensure you both know what to expect and can provide something to look forward to. The main goal? Enjoy the holiday as much as you can, step back from the chaos of parenthood and if all else fails, make sure you’re stocked with chocolate and wine (you know—just in case.)


The Morning

Regardless of if you like to cross your fingers for well-sleeping baby to start the morning slow or if you’re jolted awake at 5 am, try to make the best of it. Every couple is different so tie this into your own desires but there is nothing better than the coffee or tea already being made or a favorite breakfast on the table—or in bed—for your partner without (mamas, if you want your husband to be the early riser—communicate this before February 14th so they can plan to take this up themselves.) Heart shaped pancakes, favorite hot drinks in mugs. You may be eating one-handed with a baby attached to your boob, but remember, love knows no boundaries. This is your family, and you have to roll with what your family needs in the moment.


During The Day

One of the best things about a young baby is that they are fairly easy to transport. Yes, they come with a lot of gear, but also they have no say in tagging along to whatever you would like to do. If you’re the type of person who needs some alone time throughout the day, be sure to plan that in so you’re not exhausted by night. We recommend some time spent outside in a park with baby—a stroll if you have a super small one, or a trip to the playground if baby is mobile. Afterwards, you could meet your significant other for lunch or a coffee before returning to all the other normal requirements your weekdays hold.


That Night

Once baby is asleep, setting the scene is essential. Why do you think most restaurants have dark corners and flickering candle light? Yep. Romance. Luckily, this is very easy to replicate at home so if going out and leaving baby with sitter is not on your preferred list of things to do make sure you stock up on candle sticks and tea lights for a sexy night in. Tidy the living room, bathroom and bedrooms. Make sure the breast pump is away and any underwear have been taken from the floor where they landed into a dirty laundry bin. If you enjoy cooking, have a recipe planned with all the ingredients stocked a day ahead. If not, order your favorite take out for a worry-free dinner. After dinner, we will let you decide how to play your cards. It could be a relaxing spa-worthy night in the tub together (or alone) or a movie night since it’s probably been a while since you’ve been able to focus on one thing for over an hour. Like most new parents, you may be exhausted and all you both want is a night of good nights sleep. There is really no wrong way to go on this holiday as long as you communicate how you feel and show your partner gratitude and appreciation.


We hope you get to relax, get treated special, treat others special and most importantly—go with the flow!